May 28, 2009

Work At Home Opportunities -- OnPoint@Home

OnPoint@Home is a work at home agency, and they are currently looking for At Home Advocacy Agents to join their team.

Advocacy Agents make outbound phone calls to recruit and educate others on a variety of issues, from health care to energy issues. There are no sales or fund raising calls made, however.

At Home Agents should have strong communication skills, a professional and courteous phone manner, and be able to simplify complex issues so that they are easily understood. Agents also need to be competent writers who can accurately write information provided by advocates.

Advocacy Agents can set their own hours between 9AM and 9Pm, Monday thru Fridays, with a minimum of 25 hours per week.

There are technical requirements for your home office that will be needed to work for OnPoint, and these are listed on their website. Pay is hourly, and you will be an Independent Contractor.

If interested, read more about this work at home opportunity at and apply online!

Good Luck!

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