June 19, 2009

Weekend Business Idea --Organic Delivery Baskets

It's Friday--which means time for brainstorming small home based business ideas, and of course, a new TGIF Drink Recipe!!

Okay--here is my home based business idea for this Friday--take it with a grain of salt (or a handful of seeds....):

Start a home based Organic Fruits and Vegetable Service. Not so new of an idea, I know...but still worthy of serious consideration considering the major impact "Going Green" is having on our lives and earth today.

Much needed would be a green thumb, as well as a available area for growing your fruits and veggies.

Also important would be offering the service of a Basket Delivery (say weekly or bi -weekly) to customers. You could offer different sized baskets, or one standard sizefor all customers.

Advertising would be important to build a client base--but could grow as your business grows kind of thing. Start small, maybe with just one or two clients even.

You can get ideas and thoughts from googling "weekly organic pick up," organic basket delivery," and organic fruits and vegetables."

Have any brainstorming you'd like to share?? Don't forget to check out the latest Work at Home TGIF Drink Recipe--and enjoy your weekend!

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