July 27, 2009

Get Paid To Blog ($25-$50 per Post)

A marketing company is looking for writers for several of their blogs. They will be paying between $25-$50 per 500 word plus blog entries.

The blogs/topics available are:

1) Gen-X-men.
a. Each entry is a blog about a standout man or woman between 25-40 in sports, business, charity etc…
b. Weekly or monthly
2) The Last Job Standing
a. A blog about a career in sales
i. Why people are afraid of sales (misunderstanding)
ii. Why sales is recession proof
iii. Entry to mid level sales training
b. Weekly
3) The Class they forgot to teach you
a. Personal financial management
b. Credit cards
c. Saving and paying with cash
d. All the things we learn to late
4) Getabetterjob.com
a. Weekly
b. Outlines a new job each week that is growing even in this economy

Open to profit sharing on the advertising for great writers after their first 6 months.

If interested, send emails to gigs-rrmex-1288565545@craigslist.org

This is a Craig's List advertisement....so please do use due diligence if you apply.

Good Luck!

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