July 9, 2009

Get Paid To Give Advice --Work From Home

Now who doesn't like the idea of getting paid to give advice? This is simple enough and probably fun enough for just about anyone at home to make some extra money doing-- give your best advice in 350 word articles (appx.)!

Go to advice.com and sign up. Then start writing. The more articles you write and the more views your articles get, the more you will earn. It sounds somewhat like Associated Content, where you can continue to earn money for articles you have written month after month.

When you write an advice article and submit it, the article is published immediately. There are resources and tips offered for creating well written articles and driving traffic to your articles as well.

Payment is through PayPal each month, as long as you have earned the minimum payout amount of $10 the previous month.

So if you have advice to hand out, go on over to advice.com and get paid to give your advice today!

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