July 24, 2009

Weekend Business Idea-- Starting a Pet Taxi Services

So here we are at Friday again, which means some home business idea brainstorming, and a new TGIF drink recipe!

Pet services are always needed by busy pet owners, even in not so great economic times. As a matter of fact, the need for these services may increase more as pet parents that used to be stay at home parents, go back to work.

If pet sitting, dog walking, or a doggie waste pick-up service doesn't thrill you...get creative and think of another service you could offer pet owners, such as a Pet Taxi Service.

Airport pick up/drop off service, veterinary visits, pet grooming visits, service to drop off and pick up pets from kennels, even doggie daycare pick up/drop off services are all things a Pet Taxi Service could be needed for.

You can start word of mouth advertising, leave business cards with veterinarian offices, pet grooming businesses, doggie day care facilities, pet stores, etc. Advertise on Craigs List and local newpapers in your area.

You would need to purchase different size crates, harness and leashes need for this work from home pet job. A leash hook is a nice option to have in your car for pet owners who do not want their animal transported in a crate. Just make sure the animal is wearing a leash that is attached to a secure hook.

When starting any business, you need to find out about permit and licensing requirements from your state's licensing board.

Insurance coverage also will need to be checked to ensure it covers your liability should a pet become injured while in your care.

Brainstorm and research this weekend if you love animals and a big car/van (LOL). And don't forget to enjoy this week's TGIF drink recipe while you do!

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