August 20, 2009

Content Writer For New Networking Site

This is a work at home opportunity that sounds interesting and may offer some future potential. A social network of sorts is starting up and needs a content writer to develop topics that users will explore and use to connect with others sharing the same interests.

The site,, is composed of a small team working on web site (web app) that connects people together like social networking sites do,with some differences:

The concept is to allow users to create topics. Each topic may have associated questions. All users may visit a topic, answer the multiple-choice questions, and then determine how they would like other users to respond to the same questions in order for them to become "matches." Users may then continue to impose other criteria that may include age, gender, and geographic location.

It is somewhat similar to the concept of online dating where you answer questions that reveal certain things about yourself and also impose limitations as to what your match/date should be like. This application applies a similar concept to topics other than dating.

What they need is a content writer to help them compose hundreds of topics (descriptions with thought-out questions). They will pay $10 for each well created topic.

To apply, they ask that you visit the site (, "play around" and ensure you understand how the site operates. Then, continue to create a single topic and then email them at so they can determine whether or not you truly grasp the of this web app. concept.

Application Deadline: 09/30/2009

Good Luck!

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