August 18, 2009

Pet Lovers Get Paid To Blog

If you are a pet parent and an avid animal lover, then you should absolutely check out blogging opportunities with

What is yeepet? A social network and online service platform with animal lovers who are eager to know more about how to properly care for their pets and how to provide compassion to pets in need.

They are looking for passionate animal lovers that can post about their healthcare, training, grooming, veterinarian and other pet experiences. Yeepet wants work at home pet lovers to help raise awareness on proper pet care as well as providing money and life saving tips to other pet owners and organizations.

You earn money with Yeepet's unique online revenue program; Monetary compensation comes from the ads that are distributed on your blog and your other pages on The system is designed to serve specific advertisements to your pages. Your pages will display different ads from other regular pages.

Not a full-time income, but maybe a way to earn some extra money at home in your spare time.

You can check out, and their featured publisher program here.

Good Luck!

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Good Luck!

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