August 11, 2009

Work At Home Online Juror opportunities

Working at home as an Online Juror may not be a full time income, but it sounds like a very fun way to make extra money online and at home.

Plus, it doesn't matter if you have kids making noise, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, etc. It is all online work, so no worries.

Here are a couple of online juror sites you can check out and sign up with today, if interested: "Payment amounts vary depending on the complexity and length of the case you review, but payments start at $20 per case and can go up to $60 per case. Checks are mailed once a month to the address you have on file in your account. The number of cases you may be asked to review will also vary depending on the number of attorneys in your area who are using this service." For each verdict rendered, eJurors are paid $5 - $10 depending on the length of the case. Average amount of time on a case is 35 minutes.

Both sites have online sign-up forms. There is no guarantees of how often you may receive cases to review, if at all, but signing up is free so why not?

Check them out, and if you do already happen to be signed up as an online juror, I'd love to hear about your experiences!

Good Luck!

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