September 4, 2009

Weekend Business Idea: Kids Cooking Parties

Labor Day Weekend-what better time to brainstorm some home-based business ideas? In-between BBQ's and fun, of course!

The inspiration for this home business idea comes from entrepreneur Jessi Walter who started "Cupcake Kids." Walters was a Wall Street executive but turned entrepreneur when she decided to create a company that would provide students with hands-on cooking experiences designed to provide them with the opportunity to have fun in the kitchen while learning about food and nutrition.

In her business, Jessi offers cooking birthday parties for kids, at home cooking parties, and what I think is especially a great idea-Party in a Box, where all the goodies for a cooking party are provided in boxes for each party guest, right down to the aprons.

A Kids Cooking Party Business can be started slowly, and continue to grow over time. Your best advertising will be word of mouth from happy customers. And when parents arrive at a birthday party to pick up their kids, make sure you have left business cards and information sheets/pamphlets for them to see.

Focusing on just one item, i.e. cupcakes or pizza, would be easiest to start with. That way you just need to purchase the cooking/baking equipment needed for that one cooking recipe at the birthday parties. Add more recipe options as you grow and can afford to buy more equipment. Design your own cute aprons and chef hats. Have party favors each child can take home as more advertising for your company.

The possibilities seem endless really when you think about this kind of home business. The caution would be that it might take some time to really grow your business, so patience and financial stability would be important to have!

Schools are excellent places to pick up potential clients....even offer to provide a "free" party for your child's class might be a way to let parents know about your home business. Send special boxed cupcakes home with a business card or information sheet.

My daughter's school had annual auctions for fund raisers, with each class creating a basket of goodies and items donated by parents. So what about donating a "free kids birthday cooking party" as a way to get noticed? While you would need to invest some money up front, it would be a way to potentially build a client base. When you are just starting out, the more you can get the word out about your new business the better.

All the basics about starting your own home business need to be done - such as checking on the business license you need, insurance , if necessary, and legal contracts you may want parents to sign before holding a cooking party, etc.

Be sure and do your homework and check with your state's licensing codes before starting out. You may also want to think about getting a seller's license so you can purchase supplies and ingredients wholesale.

If you find this home business idea interesting, read more about "Cupcake Kids," and Jessi Walter. Then have fun brainstorming this home based business idea this weekend! And while you read, research and brainstorm, enjoy this Labor Day Weekend's Wahm TGIF drink recipe

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