October 5, 2009

$5,000 Month Good Mood Blogger Contest/WAHM Job

This is for real.....a chance to get a wahm job that really will pay $5,000 month! Nature Made SAM-e Complete® is launching the “Good Mood Gig” talent search to give someone the opportunity to become a "Good Morning Blogger" and get paid $5,000/month for six months! Not to mention a new laptop so you can do this job from anywhere!

If you enjoy journaling, sharing advice and spreading your infectious good mood to others.... You might be perfect for this position.

What does this job entail??

For six months, you’ll be responsible for writing a daily blog article about your good mood and
all the things in your life that bring a smile to your face. This job is the perfect opportunity to express yourself to the world and tell everyone why being in a good mood is important to a good well-being. Even better, you’ll be helping others find their own good moods, too.

How to Apply: Just fill out the form on the website to get started, then tell everyone you know to vote for you! Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions, then check out the FAQs for more details on the job requirements and more.

Visit the SAM-e Complete website today to get started! And....of course....

Good Luck!!

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