October 12, 2009

Online English Tutors: Work From Home

Work from home as an online ESL (English as a Second Language) tutor. Basically, tutors will chat (through Skype from home) with remote students in various topics ranging from daily life to business. The purpose is to expose the ESL students in a real English conversation environment with native English speakers, so that they can improve their English. Some tutoring sessions are one-on-one, some others are one-to-many.

Tutors will online register their availability at least 24 hours prior to the tutoring sessions; Students will then pick up the tutors and the timeslots on an appointment system. There are no mandatory requirements in terms of the amount of time spent on tutoring, but the tutors will be paid based on the number of hours talked with students.

Online Tutor Requirements are:

Must be a native speaker of American English;
- Must have a college degree or above;
- Must own a computer, stable Internet connection, a headset, and a Skype ID;
- Must be patient, friendly, and passionate;
- Must be reliable with high sense of responsibility;
- Must be a US citizen.

To learn more about working as a tutor online, and to apply, visit the Kaibell.com/careers website.

Good Luck!

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