November 5, 2009

WAHM: Write Reviews For Consumersearch

If you consider yourself to be a thorough research writer...the kind that leaves no stones unturned....and are detailed-oriented and organized, check out the freelance writing opportunities offered by

Consumersearch is owned by and is a part of The New York Times Company,and they are actively seeking freelance writers and editors to join their team.

Specifically right now, they are looking for freelance writers to update and create new reviews in their cell phone and automotive sections.

Rates for freelance writing vary according to the writer and the report, but are never less than $350, according to their website job page. (Application online jobs page for the specific areas given below). Compensation also fluctuates according to how much work is required and depending on talent of the writer. Consumersearch does pay a kill fee for work that they cannot publish.

All applicants -- writers and editors -- are asked to apply through the specific online jobs page for either cell phones or automotive. You are welcome to apply for both:

Cell Phones:

Good Luck!

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