November 21, 2009

Fast Cash For Christmas Working From Home

If you are a stay at home mom or dad or a work at home parent, or even a work out of the home parent, and need to make some extra cash for Christmas shopping, there is one place I know of that you can earn some money in time for filling those Christmas stockings!

Go to the website ninerniner and sign up. You can write 200 word posts for the different blogs they have listed (i.e. parenting, cooking, gadgets, and more.) Now you will not get rich or make hundreds, but you will make some cash and you can do work from home, anytime of the day.

The pay is about .50 per post, some blogs may be paying less, but you can always see what the current amount is listed next to each blog. Some blogs are not open to general posting--these blogs are maintained by one person only-- but there are quite a few that are open for anyone to post.

Niner Niner pays via PayPal the first week of every month when your account exceeds $25.00 (please note that your account has to exceed the $25, not be at $25, according to the Niner Niner administration) you can start today, and have a payout some time around Dec. 1st-5th, and have a little extra holiday cash available. I know it may not be a lot, but every penny counts around the holidays, right? Even if it's some extra money for stocking stuffers!

Check out, read the facts section, etc, and if you decide to sign up please share how it works out for you!

Good Luck!

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