November 14, 2009

Freelance Writers For Tutorial Website

This is a work at home position for freelance writers knowledgeable  in Final Cut Studio 3 (or versed in any one or more of the components of Final Cut Studio 3) to create simple tutorials and tips/tricks for new users. They need writers that can contribute batches of tutorials and trick articles for Mac audience. Rates vary from $10 for simple trick (set a preference, click this button to change a setting, how tools work, etc.) to $40 for long tutorials including original CS4 file for readers to DL.

Writers will be assigned  batches at a time (so you get a project with a set dollar rate and a set amount of tutorials to do) and there is potential for regular monthly recurring projects after a few batches.

You are paid on acceptance of the content.

Writers must have competence in the programs, have access to rights-free images to use in the tutorials (no snagging copyrighted materials online, in other words) and have an open, accessible style.

To Apply, send writing samples in a contact email to:

Good Luck!

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