November 4, 2009

Web Design Bloggers: Work Online For Web Design Company

A web design company is looking for web design bloggers to write articles about web design topics, usability, tutorials for Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.

Applicants should have:
A solid experience in the design field, either as a blog writer, creative director, teacher, or experience in the field.
Excellent writing skills.
Up-to-date knowledge on current technologies and design trends
Expert knowledge on the field that you'd write about.

Payment for each article is an average of $150-300 (price varies depending on the length of the article) payable via Paypal, with full attribution and link to your website or Twitter account.

If interested, please email with examples of your articles as well as ideas for articles that you can write. (no resumes please!).

Please Note* They are not looking for:

Research writers.

A beginner on either the field of design or new to writing (unless you can prove your expertise in a test article)

An author that will remix existing content as they will check all content for duplicates, or 'borrowing'

And they do not want to see resumes.

Good Luck!

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