November 23, 2009

Writing Jobs For Work at Home Bloggers

A blog network, Digital Life News, is looking for bloggers for various subjects, including:

Automotive Tips and Tricks
-Finances and Financial Management Information
-Careers and Job Searching Tips
-Inventions and Technology to Make Life Easier
-Tips on Being a Parent
-Getting/Staying Healthy (Tips on Food, Exercise, Fitness)
-Food Tips, Tricks, and News
-Greenery and Gardening (Tips on saving Water, reducing garbage, saving electricity, growing a garden, trees as shade, etc...)

Payment for posts will be $25, with posts being between 600-1000 words. All posts should have pictures as well. Number of articles per month will range depending on authors selected (from one post per month to a maximum of four posts per month). There will also be several bonus structures available for increased income opportunity.

Read more about this work at home opportunity here, and how to apply.

Good Luck!

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