January 23, 2010

About.com Looking For Contributing Writers

About.com is looking for contributing writers. Anyone can apply, and qualified applicants will be invited to join their training program. The training consists of editors requesting specific pieces of writing from applicants. Then, they evaluate the submitted writing samples and choose the most qualified applicant. The training process takes about a month.

Contributing Writers should have more than five years experience in their chosen topic area, either through professional involvement, as a dedicated hobbyist, or as a book author or journalist (online or print).

Payment is monthly, with a guaranteed minimum monthly payment of $500 the first two years. After two years, the guaranteed minimum monthly payment will be $250. About.com also pays Contributing Writers by measuring pageview growth (month-over-month for Contributing Writers in their first year, and year-over-year every year after) with payment incentives for pageview growth.

Check out the About.com website for more details on their Contributing Writers Program.

Good Luck should you apply!

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