January 17, 2010

Dog Lovers: This is For You!!

Love dogs? Check out this work at home opportunity (though I do not have any details on the payments...sorry)--

An established dog website is looking for passionate dog lovers to write 250- to 500-word articles once a week.

 Topics would include:

International, national, and regional dog news.

Inspiring stories of "hero" dogs, rescue and shelter workers, and other people making a difference for dogs.

Stories about celebrities and their dogs.

Dog-friendly recommendations for travel, restaurants, and other activities.

Other interesting, inspiring, funny, and informative articles about dogs.


Bachelors in English, Journalism, or related field preferred
Passionate about dogs

Solid knowledge of grammar and spelling

Previous experience meeting deadlines for a content-driven website

To apply,send a cover letter, a resume, two writing samples, and a one-paragraph story pitch for the site. The writing samples do not need to be about dogs, but it is preferred.

Email: dogwritingjob@gmail.com

Good Luck!

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