January 27, 2010

Freelance Writing Opportunity Related to Weddings

A freelance writing opportunity is available for writers that have a wedding-related story to tell. Real Weddings Magazine is looking for first-person stories that can be written and shared about your wedding that will make readers laugh, cry or identify with.

The stories should focus on a tangent related to the wedding, something that made you pause and reflect, or brought home some significant meaning, but not be a recounting of your actual wedding day.

Before submitting your idea for a freelance writing article, you should check out the type of articles used in the magazine (here is an example: http://www.realweddings.ca/article.cfm?contenttypeid=2&articleid=46#top)

If you think you have a story idea you would like to submit, you can email it to Lauren Kramer, Editor at laurenkramer@shaw.ca with the words RW Op Ed in the header.

All story ideas should be submitted by Feb. 22, 2010.

Payment is stated at $250 for a 750-900 word article.

Good Luck!

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