January 7, 2010

Health Experts Earn Money With Health Related Website

I wrote about freelance writing opportunities with LiveStrong.com last year, and thought I should post about it again as a work from home resource. This is a health-based website that offers health-related tips and advice, attracting more than 4.2 million visitors every month.

As a writer for LIVESTRONG™.com, you’ll be able to share your health knowledge with a large and vibrant community while earning a reliable paycheck and extending your personal brand on one of today’s leading health websites" (from their job posting)

They are looking for writers who are also experts in the fields of health, fitness, sports, senior care, diet and nutrition. You must have demonstrated experience and expertise in diet, nutrition, fitness, sports or another health-related topic. Your byline and bio will follow all of your published articles to the site, lending authority to the subject matter and increasing your credibility as an expert on your area of expertise.

Writers claim assignments from the database that they are most interested and qualified to write about.

Assignments vary in length and format with most averaging 300–500 words and addressing thousands of unique topics such as diabetes, cancer, nutrition, mental health and exercise.

Payments are issued twice a week for each completed article.

Average Pay is $20-$30/article.

To apply, visit the Demand Studios Online Application here, and learn more about freelance opportunities with Demand Studios.

Good Luck!

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