January 21, 2010

Several Work at Home Opportunities With "Green" Website

There is a great website that focuses on "green" living. They feature the best in sustainable products and innovation. And they are looking for freelance content contributors and community store managers to share their passion for everything green while working from home.

Freelance Content Contributors' primary focus will be to write and blog about exciting trends in eco-consumerism examining the products, companies and people that are revolutionizing the new greener economy.  Contributors are paid either by the post ($10-25/post), or through
a performance-based program where the contributor shares in the success of the posted content. They
can help you choose which option to choose.

Store Managers will take ownership of a key product category for Izzit’s
inventory and ‘virtual’ store of eco-friendly products. Basically, you will be virtually managing a storefront and will  be the seeker of the ‘the good-green stuff’. Store managers will be compensated on
the revenue and traffic performance of their managed product category.

Check out the izzit green website @ izzitgreen.com (very cool place!), and learn more about their work at home opportunities here.

Good Luck!

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