January 13, 2010

Write Informative Articles From Home For WiseGEEK

As a freelance writer for WiseGEEK.com, you could probably make a nice part time income from home. WiseGeek is a website that is read by over 11 Million people each month. Their articles are like informative based, and answer common questions people have in many different categories, such as food and cooking, beauty, gardening, finance, legal and more. You choose your favorite topics from an open pool of at least 500 topics. These topics are always in the form of a question.

Once approved as a freelance writer, you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced and receptive editor. You'll get to work directly with your editor to hone your skills and build your writing portfolio, all while getting paid!

And about the pay....

Current rates range from $10 to $14 depending on the article topic. Writers know how much an article pays before locking it. (cool, right?)

Submitted articles are edited in batches of at least five articles. They will typically edit and pay batches within two days of when they are submitted for editing.

WiseGEEK writers are asked to write at least five articles per week, or 20 articles a month, on average.

If you would like to apply, you can get started online. You first submit an appilication (which includes a resume and writing samples). If your application is approved, you will then be invited to test as a writer for WiseGeek. This is done in 3 phases, and you will be paid during this testing process. If you pass the testing, you are then accepted as a writer with wiseGEEk.

Get more information on applying as a freelance writer for wiseGEEK here, and check out the website at  www.wisegeek.com to get an idea of the types of articles written.

Good Luck!!

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