March 23, 2010

Work at Home For Alpine Access (Several WAHM Opportunities Available)

Alpine Access has work at home positions available as a call center representative. There are several different industries customer service representatives are needed in, such as Fashion Apparel, Payment Solutions and PDA Phones.

You can get started with the online application located on the Alpine Access website. There are also requirements listed as far as technical equipment needed, hours available (right now it looks like there are part time and full time available,) etc.

As far as payment, this is from their website:

"Alpine Access pays our employees a competitive hourly wage for every minute worked. Even if you are sitting idle at your desk between calls, you are paid. We also pay for all of your time spent training. As an employee, we take care of withholding all of your federal, state, local and social security taxes."

When reading in their FAQ section, it appears that the average pay is about $9.00/hour.

If you have a quiet office and hours available, this could be a work at home job that might work out for you.

You can apply at

Good Luck! And if you already work for Alpine Access, please feel free to share your experiences and opinions!

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