April 20, 2010

Paid Contributors For Seed.com

AOL has a writing platform called Seed.com. It appears to be similar to Associated Content from what I have read, and could be a good source of extra at home income.

Seed.com will pay either a flat fee for an article that is offered, or will pay revenue shares on approved and published articles. As I browsed the site today, there were about 8 pages of open articles waiting to be claimed, ranging in payment prices of $5.00-$100.00.

Payment can be made through Paypal or paper check (and I think direct deposit,).

After you submit an article, you can check your dashboard to see if it gets approved starting the following day.

To get started, you just sign up online, and you have immediate access to the articles that are open and ready to be claimed.

I did sign up, but have not yet tried writing for Seed, so cannot give my personal opinion. But take a look at the sight if interested. Signing up is free and fast, and you can start right away.

If you do work as an Independent Contractor for Seed.com, please share your insights, experiences and opinions....I'd love to hear first hand reports!

Good Luck!

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