June 10, 2010

Get Paid For Review Opportunity

If you have a blog, you can earn some money writing a paid review for a University. I do not know which University specifically, but they are looking to have blogs written where the University can be mentioned in relation to the blog topic.

Examples given include a European travel blog discussed the University's study abroad programs in relation to the fun things to do in Spain. Another talked about football.

Payment for the reviews will be between $25- $100 per 250 word post. The amount will be based on factors such as page rank, age of blog, traffic and quality of writing. Payments are made on Fridays at 1pm PST usually through Paypal (unless you request a different method.) A NDA and 1099 form will need to be submitted prior to payment.

This will be a one post opportunity. Should a second round of reviews be opened, you may be directly contacted for aother review opportunity.

If interested, they ask for applicants to email the URLS to their blog(s) to gigs-erxaf1785190659@craigslist.org (No resumes or attachments included.)

Please Note: This is a CL posting, so please do use due diligence.

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