July 5, 2010

Moms Wanted To Review Products

Smart Mom Picks is a website that discovers and reviews the latest, greatest products for babies, kids, and moms. As a contributing writer to Smart Mom Picks you will be given a list of products to review and you can supplement these with suggestions of your own. Reviews must be at least 250 words in length.


  • Must have strong writing skills and be able to provide examples of previous writing assignments. Experience writing product reviews is a plus. 
  • 2. Must have experience using Wordpress and understand how to structure and format posts so that they are presented in a clean and professional manner.
  • 3. Must be able to write 3 - 5 articles (minimum 250 words each) per week.
  • 4. While it’s not required, they prefer that you have children and/or experience using baby and kid products.

You will work as an independent contractor and will be paid on a per article basis. They pay every two weeks via PayPal. They are looking for a long term commitment, so reliability is key.

**I am guessing that they will receive a fair amount of applicants for these positions. Should you apply and not hired, this could still be a worthwhile  site to bookmark, and inquire periodically if they are looking for more product reviewers.**

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