September 14, 2010

Readbud: A Work at Home Stream of Income or Not?

I have come across this webste called Readbud, and am very curious about it--has anyone made money with Readbud? This is information from the website:

"Readbud offers you a unique opportunity to involve yourself in an exclusive online experience where you get paid to read and rate interesting articles relevant to your actual interests."

Basically, you read and rate articles based on topics you select when you register (which is free btw,) and you get paid. Sounds simple enough. When you reach the $50 threshold, you can get paid through Paypal.

I have not signed up, nor have any direct experience with Readbud to share, and am not an affiliate either.  But I would love to hear from anyone that has joined up, and am interested to know if you have made money with this program.  You can check out the site at



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