September 7, 2010

Work at Home: Moms Needed For Mommy Magazine-Attend Local Events

A new mommy magazine/website is seeking moms to work as freelance writers part time. They are looking for articles on topics related to and/or of interest to Mommies of all nationalities.

Topic ideas include, but are not limited to-

Kiddie Zone

Accepted articles will be paid at a rate of .05 per word.

If you are interested, you can send in an article you have written for submission,and you will be notified it is accepted or not.

They are also looking for moms that would like to attend local events and write about them. are also looking for "Look Out" Moms! Basically, as a "Look Out" mom, you would keep the website posted on what's going on in your area and get free passes to all the best events!

Apply by sending a short bio, picture, and writing sample to ... All you need is a digital camera & basic writing skills!!

You can check out the websites at and

Good Luck!

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