October 23, 2010

Moms at Home: Leapforce Hiring At Home Search Engine Evaluators

Leapforce offers a great at home work opportunity that could be perfect for moms and others wanting to make money from home.

Please Note: They are seeking U.S. residents only at this time.

As a Search Engine Evaluator, you will be providing feedback on search engine results by measuring the relevance and usefulness of web pages in correlation to predefined queries, by providing comparative analysis of sets of search engine results and various other techniques.

The application process will include  taking and passing a two-part qualification exam before becoming a Search Engine Evaluator. Part 1 of the exam contains 24 theory based questions. Part 2 of the exam contains 150 simulated evaluation tasks. Supplied study materials can be used during both parts of the exam.

To learn more and apply with Leapforce, please visit their application page at http://leapforceathome.com/qrp/public/job/1.  (note: you will need a resume to upload when you apply as well.)

Good Luck!

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