January 31, 2011

Got an iPhone? Make Money From Home Completing Simple Tasks!

Field Agent is the first application that actually pays people to complete simple tasks using their iPhones! If you have an iPhone, you can accept and complete simple tasks (like taking a photo) directly from your iPhone and get paid.  Most jobs pay between $2 and $8.

Field Agent is  backed by Fortune 50 clients who need to have information provided to them in a  fast and cost effectve manner.

From their website:

"As soon as you complete a job, your earnings are shown in your Field Agent Account as a memo posting. If the information you submitted for your job is accurate, the memo posting will clear and reflect actual funds within 48 hours. At that point, you can keep your funds safely in your Field Agent Account, or they can be transferred to a PayPal account."

The sooner and more effectively you complete jobs you accept, the higher your agent rating goes. Agents with the highest ratings will get the first opportunities to accept tasks.

Some tasks will be simple ones you can do from home, others may involve driving. You accept only the ones that interest you.

 Visit Field Agent to find out more or to download the app and get started today!

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