February 11, 2011

3 Home Based Business Ideas That Became Success Stories

A little inspiration for those of  you thinking of businesses you can start in your pajamas!

Online Wedding Resources

Emily Newman got her business idea when she realized there was a niche for brides-to-be who were looking for wedding dresses but could not afford the high price tags that cam with them. Together with her husband, Emily started Once Wed, an online wedding resource that started out only offering used dresses and has grown into a site offering brides a complete resource for planning their wedding. Once Wed also offers a free listing service for anyone with a wedding dress to sell. No fees are taken when the item is listed or when it sells. [oncewed.com]

Specialized Children's Gear

Jenny Ford says she used to draw designs on her daughter's shoes for fun, and the cute results of her artwork is what inspired her to start Monkey Toesa line of animal and insect-themed footwear for children. Ford launched her company  in 2002 from home, and today has her designs in stores everywhere as well as online. Jenny recently signed a new distribution deal that will take the product into the hands of 100 representatives around the country. [monkey-toes.com]

Womens Sports News

WomenTalkSportsan online network devoted to covering women's sports, was born when Ann Gaffigan realized that there needed to be much more coverage of women in sports.  Gaffigan, who launched her site with two other women,  says she wants "the next generation to see positive female role models.” There are over 100 websites that link to WomenTalkSports.com, and about 70 bloggers on the site today. [womentalksports.com]

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