February 4, 2011

Vloggers and Bloggers Work at Home With Planet Fashion TV

Planet Fashion TV, a fashion and music website, seeks freelance bloggers and vloggers.  They are looking looking for someone who loves music, is constantly looking and discovering new artist, has ties to the music industry, college students that work at a local music station, people who eat, breathe and live music. They are also looking for someone already involved in the fashion industry that can generate daily blog posts about the fashion industry, everything from new trends, to models, what to wear and what not to wear, etc.

If interested,  send a short bio about yourself and why you are perfect for this position along with writing samples.

Also,  if you have your own blog they would be interested in promoting you on their own site and linking to you page. 

Email your interest to: gigs-ty4vs-2195954864@craigslist.org

Good Luck!

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