April 26, 2011

Got Blogs? Make Money!

If you have a blog or blogs with PR3 or above, you can earn $50 to host a pre-written blog post. The posts will fit your blog's audience/topics, and will be about 350-500 words.

If you have multiple blogs, you can submit them. Blogs should fit in one of the following genres-

the home (cooking, appliances, backyard stuff)

technology (smartphones, computers, laptops)

auto (gps systems)

video games (games, game reviews, systems and system reviews, accessories)

Personal blogs that do not typically match the above are accepted from time to time, but will be reviewed and checked to see if it is a good fit.

If  you are interested, email  your blog URLs for review to  job-jkjw3-2345147242@craigslist.org.

Good Luck!

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