April 21, 2011

Legitimate Writing Opportunities With MotherEarthNews.com

Paid writing opportunities are available with MotherEarthNews.com. They are accepting submissions from freelance writers for two categories: “Country Lore” and “Firsthand Reports from the Field.”

“Country Lore” features handy how-to tips of 100 to 300 words; payment is $25 to $50 per published item.

“Firsthand Reports from the Field” are first-person stories (1,500 to 2,000 words) about sustainable lifestyles of all sorts; payment is $150 per published piece.

[From MotherEarthNews:]

Since 1970, Mother Earth News has been an exemplary source of information about sustainable homesteading, organic gardening, Real Food, country skills, alternative energy, green transportation, natural health, environmental consciousness, farming and livestock, and. Our articles provide hands-on and useful information for people who want a more fun, conscientious, sustainable, secure and satisfying lifestyle. Practicality is critical; freelance articles must be informative, well-documented and tightly written in an engaging and energetic voice. Don’t forget to read our magazine.

If interested in this freelance writing opportunity, please email letters@MotherEarthNews.com. Send a short synopsis of the idea and a one-page outline. Also send digital photos, if available.

Good Luck!

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