April 13, 2011

Work at Home Billiards Writers Wanted

PoolTables.ca is seeking bloggers with some knowledge about billiards, including information relating to the billiard and game room industry; whether it be about tricks, common questions (what people should look for when buying a table, what is the room size, what table size for residential use), decorative items (lighting, wall decor) how to complete a game room, etc. Information that is related to the products Pooltables.ca sells online, but not referring directly to them.

You should be able to write two posts per week (Mon. and Thurs.) and be ready to submit articles on Sun.and Wed. Posts should be a minimum of 300 words. Payment is $30/post payable via PayPal.

This is a freelance position. If interested in applying, email monica@pooltables.ca.

Good Luck!

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