April 13, 2011

Work From Home Opportunity: Writers/Researchers

Work from home writing educational papers on medical conditions. Writers will be given a detailed outline for each topic and supporting information and facts to include with each section of the patient education handout. You will need to perform some brief research online to include additional information in each section of the outline.

This is a telecommute position with brief conference calls/emails for support of you on this project. It is anticipated that a single education topic of 25-50 pages will take between 10-15 hours of work. You shouls also expect to perform 2-3 brief revisions to clean up any clarifications etc.

A basic understanding of human anatomy and terminology is required. These education handouts will be written for patients at the patient level.Writers who enjoy this experience will have the potential to work into a long term role with this project.

Selected writers will be asked for references and writing samples.

If interested, reply via email to : job-wq3md-2321857545@craigslist.org. (see the job posting here)

Good Luck!

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