June 23, 2011

Making Extra Money From Home Opportunity

ToonBee.com is looking for creative copywriters to work from home creating content in a new media form.

Responsibilities include:

Creating content in a new media form.
Post to social media sites.
Be a product activist.

Applicants should be creative, innovative, out-going, a social maven and excellent communicator.

To apply:

In 60 words or less, explain why you are awesome. 
Also explain your online presence and if you are active on Facebook/Twitter. 
Create something, you can use the 'Try Me' feature and download the image you created (you do not have to publish it to the site), and send the link, or the image you created.

Email above to:  job-qwyjn-2456861852@craigslist.org

Compensation will be based per piece and unique views-- about $10/ per piece, with 1 piece a week from each creator expected. 

Good Luck!

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