July 13, 2011

Freelance Writers: Pregnancy Related Topics (Moms Wanted!)

Moms are wanted to write about pregnancy related topics. Skyword, a search driven media company, is seeking freelance writers to be a part of its Pregnancy Skywrite program.

Writers will be able to choose from a variety of pregnancy-related topics and will receive training on topic selection and how to write for maximum exposure of their content through search engines, blogs and social networks.

They are looking for a broad array of writers who can share their own unique experiences of being pregnant and preparing for their growing family. Whether motherhood was planned or unplanned, decided at a late age, or not your typical path, they want you to share your experience with other women who are facing similar joys and challenges of becoming a mom.

Writers should be comfortable committing to creating 10-15 original articles per month of 300-500 words in length.

Writers will receive an initial payment of $10.00 upon approval and publishing of each article plus a monthly variable payment based on the viewership to that article over the next 12 months. Writers can earn up to $20 per article.

Website:  http://skyword.com
Create your Skyword Account (free and takes minutes), then you will be directed to the different Brand Writing Programs you can apply to, including the Pampers Pregnancy Program.

Good Luck!

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