July 5, 2011

Paid Blogging Opportunities

Paid Blogging opportunities with Outdora.com:

They are seeking writers with experience in Outdoor Grilling, Feng Shui, Gardening, Landscaping, Outdoor Kitchen Design and home contracting to contribute articles on these subject to be posted on their blog.

Pay is per article.

They are also seeking bloggers with their own blogs on topics such as cooking, gardening, pet and home improvement blogs to post to their blogs and link back to the Outdora site.

If interested in either blogging opportunity, email marketing@outdora.com.

In your submission, make sure to include which position you are submitting yourself for in the subject line.

Article Writers, in the subject line include which area of expertise you would like to write about. Include your resume and an introduction including what it is about your background that makes you an expert in these fields.

Bloggers, submit the url of your blog along with its theme along with an explanation as to what made you decide to go with this theme.

Good Luck!

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