July 17, 2011

Work at Home: Freelance Writer to Create Lesson Plans For Children

A freelance writing opportunity for someone who can create simple lesson plans for children 4-8 years-of-age.

 Writers are given a subject to research and then write about so a child can understand (example "rainfall"). It should be fun, interesting and easy to grasp by little minds. If you can create a couple of illustrations or know someone who can, thats a definite plus, but is not required. It should take about 10-20 minutes for a parent (or child) to read the material and understand the topic.

The lesson plan will follow a Wikipedia type format, but easy for children to read and understand, for example, for the subject, 'rainfall', you would:

Say what it is
* Explain how the water got up there
* Create a fun exercise for the kid and their parent to do (for example, walk outside and look for clouds to see which one is likely to make rain first)
* Include one or more photographs to illustrate your point
* Make it all funny, interesting and thorough

Writers should have:

Impeccable English skills
* Some education experience or experience working with small children (not necessary, but will be a bonus)
* A sense of humor and discovery
* A love of learning and children

Payment is $25 per lesson plan.

To apply, Pick a subject, and send a sample of a lesson plan, along with a cover letter explaining some of your qualifications to kids@w3matter.com.

( US, Canadian, or United Kingdom applications only.)

Good Luck!

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