July 21, 2011

Work at Home: Review Books

SimplyCharly is seeking work from home book reviewers to review books related to featured historical figures.

Reviews should be roughly 750+ words in length and be a critical summary and analysis of the book--what it is about, how it covers the topic, and your opinion of it.

Your reviews should be able to help a readers decide whether they should read the book.  Major points and overall structure should be discussed. Evaluate the book's merits; include details and analysis necessary to support your views. Remain fair; give praise where praise is due and inform readers of any weaknesses.

Books will be provided for the reviews. 

Compensation is $50 per review via Paypal, a byline and a copy of the book being reviewed.

Please Note: You will need to provide samples of book reviews you have done. Prior experience reviewing books is required.

To apply: Email samples to gigs-k47km-2504850747@craigslist.org.

Website: www.simplycharly.com

Good Luck!

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