July 4, 2011

Work at Home: Telemarketing/Appointment Setting

If you are not shy when it comes to cold calling businesses, there are work from home opportunities available with companies such as Grindstone.com and BlueZebra.com!

General requirements for this type of work includes a pleasant phone voice, a home office or area that provides a very quiet environment free of interruptions ( so if you have small children at home, you might not be a fit for this, unless you can have a babysitter or childcare available for your little ones) and sometimes companies will want to see previous experience in this area (but not always!)

There will also be computer/Internet and other technical requirements. You will likely be an Independent Contractor as opposed to an employee, but you will want to verify your employment status when you apply or offered a job. Some telemarketing jobs will be commission-based only, but many will also offer a base pay as well. Again, always check the fine print and terms carefully with any job you apply for, especially with work at home jobs.

Websites to check out:


Good Luck!

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