August 29, 2011

Work at Home: Writers For Daily Deals Website

A website dedicated to providing daily deals to readers is seeking a few new writers.

Information on the business and the actual deal are provided. If more info is needed, some web research may be needed. They are looking for articles that are upbeat and informative.

Payment is $20 per article.

To apply: Submit copy for the following deal: $20 for $40 at Scruby’s BBQ (Pembroke Pines). Number of Words 100-125. Use Google or Corporate Website for information and details. SUBMIT SAMPLE BY: 5:00 PM WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 31, 2011. Email your sample copy and contact information to


(They will need approx. 6 a week starting off and will be at 18 a week within 90 days.)

Good Luck!

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