November 12, 2011

Making Money Everyday With Postloop

Have you noticed that little widget up there at the top (or sometimes bottom of the page) for postloop? Are you wondering just what Postloop is all about? I only came across Postloop myself in October, but I am so happy I did! It is not a way to get rich, nor is it instant money for doing nothing, but it is a resource that allows you to actually make money each and every day. Of course, it will take time everyday-and by time I mean a good few hours or even more.
But you can see deposits into your Paypal account every day or every other day.

With Postloop, you work as often as you like, when you like and make as much as you like. I started doing this in October, and was making $5.00 per day. I would start in the morning and work on and off throughout the day, and by evening time I usually could submit my withdrawal request and see $5 deposited into my PayPal account within hours.

No, not a lot of money, but still some cash that I make from home. When you need some money in a hurry, this is a great stream of income to have in your pocket. And when you just want to make some steady extra money that you can save slowly, this is a great resource for that as well.

So how does Postloop work?

Postloop is a paid forum exchange where you Earn Money Posting comments and answers to other poster's questions.

If you already visit forums, say a How to Work From Home forum, then you already are posting and joining in, right? You answer posts from other users, and you start threads-ask your own questions, etc.

That is what you do at Postloop.

But you get paid to do it!

To Join:

1. Go to the Postloop Portal.
2. Register for free.
3. You will be instructed to make 10 posts at the Postloop Portal (this is a qualifying step to actually join the program)

After you make 10 posts, Postloop will review your account. You should receive an email w/in 24 hours either approving your posts or not.

** A word about the trial posting**
This is pretty simple, so do not worry. They want to see quality posts, not just 'oh, how cool, thanks for sharing!' type posts. Try to make your posts 3-4 sentences, with no spelling errors and decent content. Also, be sure to start some new threads as well as answering other posts.

Once you are approved, you will go to your dashboard where you can start making money! Check out all the forums that are networked on Postloop, and join the ones that interest you.  Register at each forum you like, plus subscribe to each of those forums as well. Without subscribing, you will not get credited for posting--so this is an important step you cannot skip! There is a subscription icon next to each forum listed at Postloop-after you have registered with a particular forum, click that icon to subscribe to that forum as well. After subscribing, you will see that forum on your own dashboard, letting you know you have subscribed, and how many posts you can make on that forum each day. Some forums have a 5 -10 daily post limit, and others will have no limits.

You visit the forums and join in that community by posting. For every single post you contribute, you will earn points. It fluctuates, but the average points per post will be between 1.5 to 2 points.

You can request a withdrawal when you have reached a minimum of 100 points. That will be about $5.00.
Withdrawals are usually made within a couple of hours, but no longer than 24 hours.

It is completely up to you as to how often you post. Some people may take up to a week or more to reach the 100 points, others may do it in one or two days. Just remember to make quality posts of at least 3-4 sentences, and also start new threads and discussions.

Forum owners will rate you depending on the quality of your posts. The higher your rating, the more points you will make per post. 

Once you get started, you will find this is such an easy and fun way to make a little extra money every week. Plus, it is easy to request a withdrawal and get money quickly. Check out Postloop, and see if you agree with me that this is a nice little resource for making some extra money from home!

(That is my affiliate link in the post-I would appreciate you signing up with it if you decide to join~~thanks!)

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