November 16, 2011

Work at Home: Paid Freelance Writing Jobs at iWriter

iWriter is a fairly new platform where writers can sign up and potentially start making money right away by writing articles. It is not a lot of money, granted, but still a resource for steady money in your Paypal account weekly.

How it Works:
  • Writers sign up for free and can immediately start writing articles. There is no limit to how many articles you write each day. Writers get paid via Paypal payments. which are made weekly, every 2 weeks, every month on the 5th or every month on the 25th.

  • Writers get paid 81% of the price of each article. The rest is taken by Paypal transaction fees, as well as Copyscape quality checks to ensure the article is unique. This leaves a profit of $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for 700 word article for the writer. If you receive a "special request" from a requester you receive another 5% (i.e. 86%) earnings per article, which equates to $3.01 for a 500 word article.

  • After you write and submit your article, the requester has up to 3 days to approve or not approve the article. If the requester has not responded within 3 days, iWriter automatically approves your article and funds your account. So the longest you ever have to wait to get paid is 3 days, though according to the FAQS, writers are usually paid within hours of submitting their articles.

I have not tried iWriter myself, so I cannot offer my own personal review. But I have checked about some and most reviews thus far seem to indicate this is a legitimate site and people are signing up and getting paid. One tip that I came across and wanted to pass on is that it is always best to write articles for requesters with high ratings. This indicates a fast turn-around for approvals and payments. Each writer has the ability to rate the requester, making the writing experience better for all writers involved.

To Apply: Fill out the free registration form on

Good Luck!

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