February 22, 2012

Work at Home: Be a Paid Contributor at SheBudgets.com

SheBudgets.com is seeking paid writers to join their site. As a contributor, you will get paid for each article published. Payments are made twice a month via Paypal. This is a work from home paid freelance position so you can work when you choose.

Compensation Details:
  • $2.50 per post with a minimum of 300 words and the post must include a lead image
  • Bonus of $.001 per view of any post that you write 
  • Posts are subject to Editor approval 
  • Payments are made on the 1st and 15th of every month
Qualifications & Skills
  • Wordpress (HTML is a plus, but not necessary)
  • Proper grammar
  • Social Media (if you promote your posts on Facebook and Twitter you'll make more money)
  • Must be an authority on the topic that you are writing about. So if you are writing about pets, you should be a pet owner, for example. Or if you are writing about saving money at the grocery store,  you would be the person who does the grocery shopping for your household
Subjects covered on SheBudgets.com include Personal Finance, Home and Organizing, Food and Drink, Lifestyle, Health and D.I.Y. Projects.

You can apply here with SheBudgets!

Good Luck!

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