March 3, 2012

Get Paid To Critique Websites/Startups

I recently came across this money-making opportunity with StartUpLift, and while it is not going to make you rich, you can earn some extra money with it, so why not add it to your other streams of income?

Basically, you visit new websites, critique them, and provide feedback. You make money if your critique is selected as a 'winning' critique, or in other words, you leave well thought-out coherent feedback that has useful information and insights for that site's owner.

How StartUpLift Works:

A new start up submits their information to StartUpLift  and selects a 'feedback plan' and asking a few feedback related questions.

StartUpLift then emails their users (you, if you sign up) announcing the startup and invites feedback users over for feedback. (You can also see available jobs posted on the site.)

Users review the new website and submit their feedback. 

After the feedback collection phase is over, the top five submissions are selected to receive 'awards' (or in other words, MONEY!).

Getting Paid:

You will earn on a sliding scale, starting at $5, paid with PayPal, for each submission that you are selected as an awardee. The catch of course is that not every submission is awarded. The best way to get paid is to make sure you submit insightful and well thought-out feedback. 

Cash awards are transferred to PayPal accounts every week, on Monday.

How many jobs can an active feedback provider work on in a day?

You may not provide more than 5 feedback submissions in a day.

How To Get Started as a Feedback User?

Just go to, and sign up. You can get started today if you want.

Good Luck!

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