March 27, 2012

WAH: Chargesmart Seeking Freelance Bloggers

Chargesmart is seeking freelance bloggers who can regularly contribute content on the following subjects:

Social media marketing
• Mobile, email, event, influencer & sponsorship Marketing
• Going Global
• PR
• Advertising
• Marketing book reviews
• Employee Management
• Customer Service
• Starting/launching a Business
• Legal
• Technology
• Sustainability
• Branding/design
• Franchising
• Finance, taxes, loans
• Investors & stock

B: Subject-Matter Experts:
• Retailing
• Restaurants
• Women in Business
• Homemade/Etsy
• Startups
• Home Business
• CEOS & Entrepreneurs
• Food Trucks
• Independent Contracting
• Nonprofits

About Getting Paid:

  • You will get paid per article published. (Payment amount not provided.)

How To Apply:
  • Send your application to 
  • In the subject line of your application email please include 1) what content you’d like to contribute from list A or 2) what subject matter expert you are from list B. 
  • Include your resume and/or online portfolio with links to blogs, and an introduction including what it is about your background that makes you an expert in these fields or able to write about the topic of choice.
  • You must have work or educational experience in chosen subject area.
  • Original Job Post

Good Luck!

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