March 27, 2012

WAH: SEO Copywriters Needed ASAP

A company is looking for experienced SEO copywriters - they will provide steady work and competitive, timely pay.

About the Job:
Copywriters will contribute original, high-quality SEO content for over 40 attorneys who specialize in the following areas of law: personal injury (motor vehicle accidents, wrongful death, medical malpractice); bankruptcy; trusts and estates; mediation; workers' compensation; Social Security and veterans disability claims; family (divorce, child custody, child support), criminal defense and more! The content is intended for the layperson who may or may not know they have a viable legal situation.

About Getting Paid:
You will get paid pay by the project, not by the word or hour. A typical project consists of one long article or two short articles, two blog posts and one Q&A for $61. Writers are provided with topics, keywords and resources. A project of this size takes a talented writer 2.5-3 hours to complete after reading the resources. You can receive an assignment as soon as this Wednesday (3/28) and you will have until the following Wednesday (4/4) to deliver your completed project. Payment for services will be sent to you on a bi-weekly basis after satisfactory completion of your projects.

How To Apply:

Good Luck!

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