March 5, 2012

Work at Home: Women Bloggers For Parenting, Money, Career Website is a growing online community for women. They are seeking women bloggers right now to join their team. These are paid blogging jobs with 5 posts per week (M-F) required from each blogger (100-200 words.) You will be paid $7.50 per post. Payments will be made via Paypal.

Currently they need contributors for 3 blogs: Family and Parenting, Money and Investing, and Career and Growth. They are also looking for one or more people to write articles on various topics for the non-blog part of the site. This job will pay $10 per article ( Appx. 500 words.)

 Every post should consist of one idea or tip to share with other women, and sharing personal experiences with the topic would be a plus.

You will also be asked to approving and responding to comments as time allows. 

How To Apply:
  •  Email trisha at ideas for women dot com using a subject that includes the blog you are interested in writing for.
  • Include links to any blogs or web sites you have, social media profiles or anything else you think might be relevant. 
  • If you don’t have a blog, please include a sample of your writing. 
  • Include a brief explanation of why you want to write for 
  • Include where you are located - Bloggers in the U.S. are preferred so they are able to write about U.S. specific holidays, seasons, money issues, etc.
Good Luck!

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